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Hillyard Public Library's Seed Library

Gardening Info

A former card catalog at Hillyard Library has been turned into a Seed Library housing hundreds of seeds available for “check out,” but unlike the other library materials, you won’t get fined if you don’t bring the seeds back.

“Checking out” seeds
As a library card holder, you can check out 6 packets of edible plant seeds (marked E for edibles) and 6 packets of decorative plant seeds (marked B for blooms and ornamentals) per season.

Saving seeds
If you check out seeds marked “heirloom” we encourage you to harvest the seeds at the end of the season and return them to the library. While we appreciate replenishing our supply with heirloom seeds, don’t worry if you forget, you won’t be fined! If they are marked hybrid, plant them, enjoy them and then compost them, as they will not produce the same plant and aren’t useful for seed saving.

(Excerpt from Spokane Public Library Website)

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