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Spokane Women's Farms

Gardening Info

Our mission is to provide battered women with the opportunity to momentarily step out of their crises and learn how to garden and farm in the urban setting.
For some, gardening or working with animals is therapeutic. Working the farm gives women who have been victimized something to focus on that is productive and grounding as they transition into a safer place. As the vegetation is harvested, we can help these women acquire business skills by teaching them how to sell produce, herbs, and flowers. By producing and eating nourishing food, such as mixed greens and tomatoes, as well as developing new trade skills, women who participate in our program will be more encouraged and well-positioned for a hopeful and successful future.

Our goals are as follows:
To provide peaceful settings in which the women can safely reflect on their situation,
To provide these women with useful skills, such as gardening, farming, and functioning in a business setting, and
To provide these women with mentors that can reinforce their newly-attained skills.

(Excerpt from Spokane Women's Farms website)

P.O. Box 18393
Spokane, WA 99228
United States
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