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The Green Zone
210 N Havana St, Spokane Valley, WA 99202
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The Green Zone


The Green Zone is an outdoor public learning center that made its debut at the 1996 Spokane County Interstate Fair. The permanent location was decided on in 1997.

Outdoor Displays
There are several outdoor displays that demonstrate:
-Water conservation with a xeriscaping (drought-tolerant) landscape design
-Energy conservation with an alternative lighting display
-Waste reduction with a compost area and through the use of varied recycled materials throughout the area
-Proper street tree selection with a demonstration of space and width requirements that trees need at maturity; displays of suitable street trees of varying sizes and species
-Plant-friendly pathways with permeable pavers that allow for foot, vehicle and bicycle traffic while letting water percolate to the ground below
-Backyard wildlife habitat. For more information, click here or visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Eastern Region office, 2315 N. Discovery Place, Spokane Valley.
-Pollinator Habitat (coming soon!)

The Green Zone is open to the public at any time for self-guided tours. If you would like a detailed tour, or if you have a group that would enjoy participating in a field trip or workshop at the Green Zone, contact Stacey Selcho or Anna Kestell to schedule your visit.

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ADA Accessible
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Anna Kestell
Kris Major
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