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Pullman Community Gardens at Koppel Farms
SE Derby St & SE Professional Mall Blvd, Pullman, WA 99163
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Pullman Community Gardens at Koppel Farms


1132 SE Derby St, Pullman, WA 99163

Pullman Community Garden at Koppel Farm is volunteer-run, non-profit organization committed to building a sense of community through preservation and enhancement of our natural, agricultural and cultural heritage in Pullman and the Palouse

Pullman Community Garden (formerly known as The Greystone Foundation) is a not-for-profit civic organization originally formed in 1988 to preserve the historic Greystone Church on College Hill in Pullman. The Romanesque style Presbyterian church was designed and built by local architect and businessman, William Swain, in 1914.

The church is currently owned by another party and has recently been remodeled as an apartment complex.

Koppel Farm began as a location promoting organic gardening and community spirit. The name was officially changed to Pullman Community Garden in 2002.

(Excerpt from Pullman Community Garden at Koppel Farms website)

Garden Features: 
Available Plots
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Koppel Farm
Plot Sizes: 
10x10, 20x20
Membership Costs: 
$32.50, $60
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